UNSC Valentine
CountryMisriah Armory, Mars
AllegianceUNSC Navy
TypeUNSC Destroyer
Size485 meters
Nickname"Teddy Bear"
Motto"Here, have some Chocolate. And some firepower."
ColorsDark Grey, Red stripes on the lower hull
EquipmentMagnetic Accelerator Cannons (2)
  • Shiva-class Nuclear Missiles (3)
  • Oversized Archer Missile pods (26)
BattlesUnidentified Skirmish in the Davros System
CommandersCaptain James Royce

Lieutenant Christopher Redfield Engineer Claire Larter


The UNSC Valentine was a UNSC Destroyer commanded by Captain James Royce. It was constructed sometime in December of 2552. Three months after leaving drydock, on February 3rd, 2553, it was the first ship to respond to the unknown attack on a planet in the Davros System.