The Battle of Exon: part III


The Invasion of Exon


Exon IV


Exon Victory, lots of civilian deaths


United Exon Force

UNSC and Sangheilios


Thel 'Chavam

Jake Peterson (KIA)


1,053,067 civilians and millitary personel

1,113,456 Sangheili warriors and UNSC soldiers


The Final Battle of Exon IVEdit

The information on this page is dedicated to the feircest and final battle of Exon. In this battle Exon finally gained its freedom, but at a heavy price. Exon City was once again the epicenter of the battle, this time the UNSC teamed up with Sangheilios expecting to finish the job.

The Space Battle Edit

The space battle only lasted about 45 minuets due to the size of the Exon fleet who had known that they would be coming due to moles in the ONI network. Even though the space battle only lasted a little while the Sangheilios/UNSC was able to land hundreds of thousands of troops and multiple firebases were dropped before the Exon fleet could shoot them out of the air.

The Ground BattleEdit

This time there was actually a major battle in a wide open area not only in Exon City. The Exon forces and the UNSC/Sangheilios coalition forces finnaly met in a head on infantry clash. Both sides took heavy casualties and eventually it seemed that the UNSC/Sangheilios forces were actually victorious. They chased the retreating Exon forces over the top of a large hill and met with the Outcast, Bad Company, and Exon militia in a classic Battle of Waterloo type attack. The newly combined and organised Exon forces cut down the Coalition forces in a very quick and ruthless fashion. After this large battle the focus was once again shifted to Exon City.

The Battle in Exon CityEdit

The Coalition was almost victorious in Exon city. The Exon forces fought for every inch using rat warfare were they would fight house to house for weeks. Each side was lucky to gain a hundred feet in a few days. The Coaltion ulitmatley pushed the Exon forces to the bank of the Exon river and controled over 90% of the city. Bad Company and Outcast reinforcments that were victorious from the other battle finally arived and crossed the river in wooden boats and took back the city with the Exon fleet's aid (Plasma bombardments and MAC rounds were pelting the Coalition occupied city).

The Showdown: part IIEdit

Once again the Arbiter's met and clashed with each other. This time it was Thel 'Chavam and Ngrtas and his friends. The battle ended with Corpral Hicks with a fractured skull. Katie with Hick's shotgun slug lodged in her helment, she also ended up with a fractured skull. Reznov wasn't able to help Thel with this battle due to him being occupied with a spartan by the name of Alicia. Ngrtas was almost able to beat Thel 'Chavam but then a MAC round suddenly ended their fight putting them out of action. Rtas was severly wounded by James after taking a knife to the stomach. But he is now on the hunt for James due to him discovering the fact that he was the leader of the experiments that he underwent.

Battle O' Exon

Exon Marines fighting in Exon City.