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Shaun-A273 (4)
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Jericho VII

Date of birth:

February 1, 2525



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"Jetzt wissen Sie, echte Schmerzen!."
— Shaun-A273 taunting the Covenant.

Shaun-A273, is a SPARTAN-III/SPARTAN-IV commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command and later Spartan branch. He is stationed with Fireteam Delta with the call sign Delta Five.

Personality and Description

Shaun is one of strongest Spartans even without his MJOLNIR armor, When it comes to killing the Covenant, he considers himself the best of the best. He does not appear to fear the Covenant and has killed many of them even when outnumbered. In and out of battle, he has an inexhaustible amount of energy. He has killed several Brutes, Hunters and Elites in hand-to-hand combat.

He will follow orders but will speak out of he thinks something is wrong, not being afraid of anything Shaun was the one always wanting in on any fight.


Shaun was born on the planet Jericho VII on February 1, 2525 and was later conscripted to the Spartan-III program in Alpha Company in 2531. Throughout his training he showed incredible strength and determination, this caught the attention of Kurt-051 and Franklin Mendez, who saw great potential in him, Shaun then became one of six that were candidates for a special operations team called Shadow Team.

During his training with Alpha Company and Shadow Team, Shaun had created strong friendships with Daniel-A093, Jeremy-A180, Amelia-A152 and Lauren-A191.