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Shadow Team


2536 – 2553




Special Operations


Six operators



Human-Covenant War


Commander Matthew-A058


Shadow Team was a team sized unit of the Special Warfare Command, composed only of SPARTAN-III supersoldiers.


Despite Spartan-IIIs generally being expendable, Shadow Team has managed to survive countless battles, always coming back from suicide assignments. To grant them more operational freedom when interacting with regular military personnel, the members of Shadow Team have been given higher ranks than most of the Spartans. The Spartan-IIIs of Shadow Team are some of the very few known Spartan-IIIs to wear a variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. They each have customized variants of the Mark V model. Shadow Team was more then a team to the Spartans it was like a family to them.

Margaret Parangosky proposed that Shadow Team be formed, She suggested there be a gruop of Spartans from Alpha Company that would follow the footsteps of the Spartan II team, Team Black. The Spartans were taken out of Alpha Company and trained sepratley a year before their deployment. Shadow Team worked on several missions alone and participated in some of the Human-Covenant War's biggest and brutal battles. After the war, the members of Shadow were integrate to SPARTAN-IV Program, soon after the team was disband and the members were placed in a newly formed SPARTAN-IV team in the Spartan branch called Delta Squad.

Team Composition

  • Commander Matthew-A058 (Shadow One) - A "by-the-book" soldier, Matt serves as the teams leader assault specialist.
  • Lieutenant Commander Sandra-A066 (Shadow Two) - Always knows what she is doing, Sandra serves as the teams Intelligence specialist and second in command.
  • Petty Officer First Class Shaun-A273 (Shadow Three) - The way he fights says it all, Shaun serves as the teams heavy weapons specialist.
  • Petty Officer First Class Lauren-A191 (Shadow Four) - Not one for words, Lauren serves as the teams sniper specialist.
  • Petty Officer Second Class Daniel-A093 (Shadow Five) - A more human then other Spartans, Daniel serves as the teams assault specialist.
  • Petty Officer Third Class Emily-A118 (Shadow Six) - She knows when the time is right for everything, Emily serves as the teams operator.

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