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Saber Team


October 21, 2558








Covert Ops


5 Spartan IV's, 1 Spartan VI.


Fireteam Saber




Ellie Davids


Fireteam Saber is a special forces Fireteam used by the UNSC Army. They are lead by Ellie Davids and have served through many conflicts.


Formed by the UNSC army in 2557, Saber Team, also know as Fireteam Saber, was mainly created to prevent covenant invasions from taking over colonies. Fireteam saber saw not only action with the covenant, but also with prometheans. Fireteam Saber was formed in 2557 by the UNSC army. There, they put Commander Ellie Davids in charge of 4 other spartans. Later, they were stationed on requiem. Shortly before it was destroyed, Saber team fled to the infinity with other forces evacing. They also took part in the bloody revolt on Orion IV.



When Saber Team was stationed aboard the UNSC infinity, they were transported to requiem. There, they defended multiple science outpost within the planet's surface. They also took out multiple promethean AA cannons.

Team CompositonEdit

Saber Team includes 5 Spartan-IV's and 1 Spartan-VI.

Commander Elllie Davids- Fireteam Sabers commander. Usually gets up close and personal with her enemies.

2nd Lieutenant Connor O'neal- Fireteam Sabers backup commander. Close quarters and Assualt expert.

Master sergeant Jack Delrio- Fireteam Sabers heavy weapons expert. He is a rather loud and obnoxious person but proves his usefulness on the battlefield. He is usually never on time for battles but always arrives at the right moment.

Corpral Alysssa Romero - Fireteam Sabers medical expert. She is also quiet and always follows orders, no matter how they turn out.

Daniel Davidson- Fireteam Sabers sniper. He is a rather quiet soldier and rarely talks a lot but he is an excellent shot when it comes to being a sniper.

Warrant Officer Jerald Krant - Saber Team's all-in-one person, uses what he can and always follows his orders.

Killed In ActionEdit

Corpral Alyssa Romero- what was meant to be a routine patrol mission of the nearby area, Alyssa and her recon team were ambushed by a covenant strike team. Alyssa, who was trying to help a wounded marine, was cut off by an elite with active camouflage. Before she could reach for her M6D, the elite had stabbed her in the chest. She eventually succumbed to her wounds.


  • Saber team originated from one of the many Fireteams in, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising