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Punisher, Death Squad


Human-Covenant War

Post Human-Covenant War

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Notable information:

  • Received the Red Legion of Honor for their actions at HIGHCOM
  • Recovered Major Mitchell, and received the UNSC Colonial Cross

"Having III's in the program surely helps the IV program, however I'm keen to see how all three programs interact with each other."

Punisher (occasionally stylized PUNISHER Team, sometimes referred to as Fireteam Punisher or simply Punisher Team is a fire-team sized unit of the UNSC SPARTAN-IV Program, composed of SPARTAN-III and IV supersoldiers as of 2558.


Punisher is primarily composed of the SPARTAN-IIIs that escaped death from the Long Night of Solace after it destroyed the UNSC Frigate Grafton, as well as drafted members of the SPARTAN-IV program to fill extra roles. This also includes a former SPARTAN-III Headhunter.

Punisher also operate with non-Spartan military personnel more extensively than their previous team. To grant them more operational freedom when interacting with regular military personnel, the members of Punisher had already been given higher ranks than most of the Spartans by their Commanding Officer. In 2552, the team was once again under the command of Major Sam Mitchell of the UNSC Army, however, as of 2553, they were under the command of Commander Sarah Palmer, who is not appreciative of their combat efficiency.

The SPARTAN-IIIs of Punisher utilized equipment on par with the SPARTAN-IIs, such as the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, which is far more advanced than the cheaper SPI armor worn by the rest of the SPARTAN-IIIs. The team was issued with the Mark V MJOLNIR armor on November 24, 2551. Unlike the mainline SPARTAN-IIs, whose armor was fairly uniform in coloration, the members of Punisher sported a variety of color schemes and field-customized armor variants. However, upon the end of the Human-Covenant War, and the inclusion of III's into the SIV Program, their armor was upgraded to MJOLNIR MKVIGEN2, however, were still able to keep differentiating color schemes and field modifications, due to their hyper-lethality.

Team CompositionEdit

Senior Chief Petty Officer Jack Ryan - An aggressive, hyper-lethal, but compassionate Spartan, Jack serves as Fireteam Leader for Punisher. After having his full name revealed, he can begin to reconnect with those around him. Since the end of the war, he has grown to accept his failings, and has become a valued member of the UNSC. Himself and Faith have grown closer towards the end of the war, usually confiding within each other and maintaining a good command system.

Chief Petty Officer Shado "Faith" Harper - A sassy, yet comical Spartan, Shado serves as the team's language specialist and second in command for Punisher. Her attitude after the war has changed, becoming more like her old self, more than likely a coping mechanism for her PTSD. She has grown closer to Jack since the end of the war, this may just be a late term after effect of her augmentation, however, it has made a better command system between the two of them, usually confiding in each other during missions.

Petty Officer First Class Mark Reese - A bold and aggressive Spartan, Mark is the assault and technical specialist of the team. Still very bitter about the loss of Phoenix, Mark is still very hot-headed, acting bolder than usual, and racist towards Sanghelli and Covenant forces alike. Mark holds a close friendship with James, due to the fact that they are exactly alike, and are usually the ones to exact revenge for their killed squadmates.

Command Staff Sergeant James Kozak - A force to be reckoned with, James acts as the Heavy Weapons specialist of the team. As a former SPARTAN-III Headhunter, he interacts closely with the other III's within Punisher. While he may lose his compassion, he complements it with lead towards the enemy. He bonds closely with Mark, mostly due to their simliar personalities, noting that "he could have been a Headhunter, but instead he got special pickings".

Temporary MembersEdit

Lieutenant Junior Grade Frederic-104 - During the lead up to Operation GUNFIGHTER, Punisher was required to have at least a minimum of four Spartan operators. Whilst hesitant at first, Admiral Margaret Paragonsky authorized the temporary transfer of Fred to Fireteam Punisher for GUNFIGHTER, only to see if he was still applicable to working with teams, otherwise he would be "retired". During GUNFIGHTER, he worked beyond admissible with the Spartan III's, and proved to the Admiral that he was still fit for combat. After the operation, Fred was withdrawn from Punisher, and placed back with the other Spartan-II's on Earth.

Killed in ActionEdit

Petty Officer Second Class Kevin Ryan - A respectful and bold Spartan, Kevin acts as the vehicular, and close quarters combat specialist of the team. Due to his transfer from the Marine Corps to the Spartan program, he and Conor are often seen as the rookies by Mark, however, in battle, Kevin has proven himself to be an extremely worthy Spartan. Both himself and Conor were declared KIA during the assault on the UNSC Infinity by the Covenant remnant, Kevin being taken out by a Hunter, and Conor being decapitated by a Promethean Knight.

Petty Officer Third Class Conor Smith - A humble and inspiring Spartan, Conor acts as marksman/sniper of the team, often working with other members as a Sniper/Spotter duo. As Kevin and himself transfered from the UNSCMC, they are seen as rookies to Mark, however, they have proven their worth in multiple War Games and Operations. Conor has proven to be the best marksman expert within the IV program thus far. Both himself and Kevin were declared KIA during the assault on the UNSC Infinity by the Covenant remnant, Kevin being taken out by a Hunter, and Conor being decapitated by a Promethean Knight.


  • Punisher is a reference to international special forces in present day operations, where the Punisher skull has been spotted on their gear, and or their uniform.
  • Punisher is known to carve the Punisher skull into the last remaining Covenant force that they encounter, to send fear into the officers of their forces for their actions on Reach.


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