Mark B321
Biographical information


Chi Ceti IV

Date of birth:

c. 2526





Hair color:

Black (going grey)

Eye color:

Dark Browne

Political and military information

Spartan tag:



Chief Master Sergeant


"So rookie, how about a one on one in the War Games?"
—Mark addressing Spartan Kevin Ryan.

Chief Master Sergeant (CMS) Mark-B321, birthname Mark Reese, also known as Scorch is a SPARTAN-IV commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, attached to the UNSC Infinity, being a member of Fireteam Punisher. Mark was a member of Phoenix Team, an elite team of Spartans who fought during the Fall of Reach, after which it was disbanded he was the assaulter of Punisher Team until the end of the Human-Covenant War.


Early careerEdit

Phoenix Team was involved in an operation on Reach which involved the cooperation of an ONI agent. During a pursuit, it was revealed that the ONI agent was in league with the activity, and ultimately shot and killed Phoenix's Commander, Jon to escape custody. After grieving alongside the fellow members of Phoenix, Mark still continued black operations with Phoenix prior to the Fall of Reach.

Human-Covenant WarEdit

Fall of ReachEdit

During the Battle of Viery, Phoenix Team, bar Mark, Faith-A211 and Jack, were onboard the UNSC Grafton when it was destroyed by the Long Night of Solace. During which, the three was participating in an overwatch operation when this happened. This wiped out Phoenix Team, and placed them as the only surviving members.

On August 23rd, they participated in an evac operation with the specialized shock infantry unit known as the Bullfrogs, before being requested by Colonel Urban Holland, Commanding officer of Noble Team, to participate in an overwatch operation for Noble Team, during which, they provided fire support until they reached the interior of ONI's Sword Base.

After which, they all commenced exfiltration, in which the UH-144 Falcon they had was shot down near Aszod, on route to a forward operating base to get off planet. On his way there, the three encountered and rescued a group of civilians and military contractors to get them off planet as well. That choice resulted in them not being able to exfil with the civilian transport, and as such, gained transport to get to the UNSC Aegis Fate, which was leaving at Platform Charlie near the Ship-Breaking yards nearby. They did so, and successfully got off Reach.

Battle of EarthEdit

After being redeployed to Berlin, Germany, the three Spartans formed Punisher to take vengeance against the Covenant. When the Covenant invaded Earth, they participated in the defense of the city, alongside Shadow Team, ensuring the safe evacuation of the large civilian populace. After a major setback losing a firebase within the city, Shadow and Punisher were separated from each other, not seeing either team until a later date.

After which, this eventually be led to being deployed to different combat operations around the world from minor skirmishes in Britain, alongside Shadow, eventually reaching Sydney, Australia.

Bravo SixEdit

Punisher, now battle hardened, were redeployed to HIGHCOM Facility Bravo Six to ensure the safety of ONI documents and persons. During a large scale skirmish near Circular Quay, Mark was injured by a falling building, placing him trapped underneath the wreckage, leaving only Faith and Jack to defend the area. After hours of fighting, they eventually found the time to pull him from the wreckage, having fallen unconscious from his injuries.

With a man down, Faith and Jack continued to defend the areas, even after the main forces had headed to The Ark. With forces starting to retreat to head to 00, Faith was injured by a Fuel Rod blast, and attacked forces head on, almost causing her death. However with the Prophet of Truth dead, and the Covenant disbanded, it was only a matter of time before Sydney was taken back. The two of them were tasked to stand down, and report to HIGHCOM for debriefing, and stand-by protocols. Mark however was in the medical-ward, being tended to for his wounds sustained.

Post Human-Covenant WarEdit

After the war, Mark and the rest of Punisher were integrated into the SPARTAN-IV Program and assigned to a new team in the newly formed Spartan branch. Along with being placed in Fireteam Punisher, the Spartans were also assigned to the UNSC Infinity with several other Spartan teams under the command of Commander Sarah Palmer, Infinity CIC.

Sometime between 2554, and 2557, Fireteams Delta and Punisher were deployed to the UNSC's Kepler Research Station, to a distress call sent out by a stationed UNSC Infinity science team investigating a trapped artifact located inside of an asteroid belt occupying a nearby planet. After inserting by thrusters, they fended off enemy boarders, and secured the area using Insurrectionist Mantis' being used by the Insurrectionist's themselves. After a 30 minute firefight, the asteroid belt was secured, and the science team placed under Fireteam Mountain's supervision. After which, Delta and Punisher were extracted to the Infinity due to a distress call of the previously thought lost UNSC Frigate Forward Unto Dawn.

Unfortunately, upon exiting slipspace, the ship was immediately pulled into the planet, and both Delta and Punisher as well as other Spartan fireteams defended the ship from enemy boarders. They then participated in providing cover fire for Commander Thomas Lasky's Mammoth, attempting to destroy the gravity well that held Infinity in place. Once the operation succeeded, Infinity returned to Earth.


In 2558, Punisher participated in the Second Battle of Requiem, where they were deployed via Pelican to destroy AA weaponry destroying reconnaissance drones, during which, it was shot down by Forerunner Anti-Air, and caused it to crash on a remote island located 50 kilometres from Copernicus. Punisher, led by Jack, and housing two new members, Spartans Kevin Ryan, and Conor Smith, they eliminated the AA guns, and requested extraction for survivors from the UNSC Infinity. A short time later, whilst Mark, Faith and Jack were deployed to provide security for a recovering Armored Division, the UNSC Infinity was boarded by Promethean and Covenant forces, splitting Punisher into a smaller group due to the deaths of Spartan Ryan and Spartan Smith during the fighting.

After which, they assisted Fireteam Zulu during an HVT recovery mission, unfortunately resulting in the loss of Zulu, and injury of Jack due to an overwhelming Promethean force, and soon after, escaping aboard the INFINITY before the destruction of Requiem.

Traits and personalityEdit


Mark in 2548, being medevaced after an insurrectionist IED went off on Chi Ceti IV

During his recruitment for the Spartan-III program, Mark gained the nickname, "Scorch" at one point, burning off all the hair on his head and eyebrows.

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