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Date of birth:

c. 2525

Date of death:






Hair color:

Blonde (once black)

Eye color:


Political and military information

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Lieutenant Commander


Lieutenant Commander Lauren-A094 was a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, attached to Special Warfare Group Three. Lauren was the second in command of Phoenix Team, an elite team of Spartans who fought during the Insurrection.

Traits and personalityEdit

During her recruitment for the Spartan-III program, a young Jack-A260 and Lauren considered each other best friends, seeing as the program didn't have much room for friends. Both had a crush on each other, which continued throughout their career. Despite that, she was selected by Colonel Sam Cutter for the role of Second in Command within Phoenix Team.

Early CareerEdit

Prior to the Insurrectionist attacks in New York, Lauren and Jack shared an intimate discussion, ending in them deciding to keep the job professional. The team noticed the change immediately between the two of them.

In 2551, Phoenix Team was involved in an operation on Reach which involved the cooperation of an operative from the Office of Naval Intelligence. During a car pursuit, it was revealed that he was in league with the activity, and ultimately shot and killed Phoenix's Commander, Jon-B150 to escape custody. He bled out in the hands of Lauren-A094, with him firing seven shots from his M6G to take down the agent, ultimately ending in a stoppage. They both blameed themselves for the death of Jon. After which, a "strike back" op occurred where the operative was captured and interrogated.

Later CareerEdit

Jack and Lauren led multiple black operations against possible insurrectionist activity on Reach, usually ending in a 100% success. Later, it was revealed that the Covenant had been deployed on Reach, in the Viery Territory. During the Battle of Viery, Phoenix Team, bar Jack, Faith-A211 and Mark-B321, were onboard the UNSC Grafton when it was destroyed by the Long Night of Solace. During which, they were participating in an overwatch operation when this happened. This wiped out Phoenix Team, and placed them as the only surviving members.