Kappa Company
Military Information


Kappa "The Cliffs"




Paradiso Conflict, Battle of Crystal Falls, Operation: Overhang, Operation: Striking Hawk, Second Battle of Harvest, Battle of Arcadia, Battle of New Jerusalem, Battle of Reach


UNSC (ONI Special Operations Group)


Marines (ODST)

Current Commander:

Captain Howard "Tom" Collins

ONI Information

ONI Handler:

"Mary Lee"

Primary Mission:

Protection of ONI Assets

Secondary Mission:


In 2496, Kappa Company under the command of Captain Voss raided an Insurrectionist held mining facility on the world of Crystal Falls. The swift and ruthless dispatch of such a heavily guarded facility by the ODSTs earned them the unwanted attention of ONI brass. Captain Collins and Kappa Company were transferred to ONI control immediately following his replacement of the now deceased Voss.

After an extensive 'vetting process', Collins and forty of his marines were assigned to Agent "Mary Lee" and given their first mission.

Early InsurrectionEdit

Like many ODSTs, Kappa was comprised of veteran marines. But, in 2491 when the ninety-two troopers found themselves under seige at Colonial Administration headquarters on the world of Paradiso, they quickly earned the nickname "The Cliffs". For six days, wave after wave of insurrectionist assualt was stopped dead by the troopers. "They break like water on the rocks," Sergeant Daniels noted before a sniper killed him.

Their victory came at great cost. Kappa suffered sixty percent casualties and many of the wounded were in too bad of shape to return to the service. In mid-July, after being relieved Kappa returned to Reach for refit and rearm. Their valient stand failed to make any headlines however, as a chain of successful bombings had occured the same week and the presses were busy covering that story.

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