Halo: Roads Untraveled

343 Industries


Microsoft Studios


Xbox One, PC

Release date(s):

September 25, 2014 (US/CAN)
September 25, 2014 (UK)
September 25, 2014 (AUS)


First Person/Tactical Shooter


Custom Games


Mature (ESRB)
17+ (PEGI)
MA15+ (ACB)


"Si vis pacem, para bellum."
—Official tagline (Latin: If you want peace, prepare for war.

Halo: Untraveled is the latest installment of the best-selling Halo franchise. The game was developed by 343 Industries, a Microsoft owned internal development studio established for the purpose of creating new properties for the Halo series.

Halo: Untraveled is the first of three games in the EU trilogy, and is a direct sequel to the Reclaimer Trilogy of games. The game is set during many stages of the Human-Covenant War and follows two SPARTAN-III teams known as Shadow and Punisher, as they defend Earth and all the UEG colonies during the war, and beyond.

On July 7, 2014, Untraveled had "gone gold", meaning all development of the game had been completed and mass manufacturing had begun. Halo: Untraveled was released on September 25 2014 in all countries. It is also available from Xbox live on demand


E3 Expo 2013Edit

Halo: Roads Untraveled was first revealed officially at the end of Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference with a short teaser trailer entitled "Hunters".

E3 Expo 2014Edit

Details on Halo: Roads Untraveled were further expanded on in the 2014 E3 Expo where Microsoft's E3 press conference revealed more about Halo: Roads Untraveled's game-play. It was here where the characters were revealed to be SPARTAN-III's, and the return of both the original Covenant was officially confirmed. Several minutes of game-play and multiple preview clips of the campaign were shown before the trailer ended with a cryptic message from an "unknown AI".



Information on H:RU's campaign was purposefully kept to a minimum in order to maintain high curiosity for the game. In the New Years 2013 Halo bulletin on Halo Waypoint, info, as well as game level info were released. It was confirmed that the game would feature 15-16 campaign missions. All known missions, including their chronological order and names, have now been announced by 343 Industries.

The game is based on the Roads Untraveled universe. It is played mostly in first person, and will often vary between characters. The mission may also be altered if played cooperatively.

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The campaign consists of 15 levels, 14 of which are part of the storyline and 13 of which are playable:

  1. Prologue - Become the warrior. Join the Spartans.
  2. New York, New York — Locate the True Patriots. Avenge the fallen.
  3. First Contact - Defend the colony from orbital glassing, evacuate the local population.
  4. Reach — Reach is the last line of defence before Earth. Defend her at all costs.
  5. DEPLOYMENT: Berlin — The Covenant have reached Earth. Link up with marines and evacuate Berlin.
  6. DEPLOYMENT: London — Defend the UNSC's prototype weapons facility from orbital bombardment. Save the rest.
  7. DEPLOYMENT: Sydney — Eliminate all Covenant strike teams attempting to overtake UNSC Command. Defend Bondi.
  8. Pusher — Last line of defence. Defend Earth to your last breath.
  9. Moonlight — Ground forces defeated, take the fight to the atmosphere and beyond. End the war.
  10. Valley's Past — Attack the snowy hills of Shah-i-Kot, destroy the forces within.
  11. To Infinity.. — Deploy to Kepler Research Station. Defend the artifact, and repel boarders.
  12. Unto Dawn — Follow the signal, recover the Master Chief. Navigate the Infinity to safety.
  13. Unyielding — Defend the Infinity from the Promethean and Covenant attack. Take the fight to Librarian's Pass.
  14. Knock Out — Redeploy to Requiem. Commence operations.
  15. Reclaimed — Escape from Requiem, recover all ground forces for hot extraction.


Like Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Untraveled alternates as the player character. Player 2 also varies between a different character and a double of player 1. Most missions are played as one of the UNSC Spartans, although there are some that feature playing as a Marine. On specific levels or parts of levels, the player assumes the role of ground, air, or sea forces to act in a supporting role.

While the HUD differs, the experience of playing as a Marine is similar to that of ODST, with stamina and health limit. MJOLNIR armour is also used by the Spartans, which renders them to a health display. However, the player always has a medical kit which includes 3 canisters of biofoam that can be used at any time during the game. Later, the usage of GEN2 is introduced, introducing shield systems.

Navigation methods are also added, such as the tactical map (or tacmap for short), which can be used for giving orders to AI teammates, and allowing the player to explore in the open environment levels without getting lost. Some parts of missions may also allow the player to move only inside a vehicle.

In addition to new weapons, existing ones from previous Halo games are featured, with some balanced modifications. The player can change the rate of fire to their preferred mode. Firefight also contains new characters, maps, and additional features.

Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

Levels of DifficultyEdit

  • Easy — Laugh as helpless victims flee in terror from their inevitable slaughter. The game basically plays itself.
  • Normal — Face firm resistance from competent, determined enemies, but burn through enough ammo and you will eventually triumph.
  • Heroic — Fight against formidable foes that will truly test your skill and wits; this is the way Halo is meant to be played.
  • Legendary — Tremble as teeming hordes of invincible alien monsters punish the slightest error with instant death... again and again.
  • Mythic — Your enemies are cunning and ruthless, and willing to show you why they're winning the war. Never leave until you are victorious.
  • Atlas — The world is on your shoulders Spartan. Let's see how far the rabbit hole goes.


Firefight features 10 playable maps, and can be played as six different players. The rules are similar to that of Halo 3: ODST, with 4 players maximum locally or online. However, AI teammates can also be featured, with no ties to life limit and can be turned on or off. When chosen, AIs can be toggled in quantity for a maximum of 5 total Spartans. For example, when playing in single player, there can be 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 teammates. When playing 4-player cooperative, only 1 AI can be turned on or off. Each Spartan can have their helmet removed, and have their own customisable appearance, similar to the well known Mass Effect trilogy.



Multiplayer has 11 default maps, and supports matchmaking, custom games, and Forge.





Retail EditionsEdit

Content Standard Limited Edition Console Edition Spartan-III Controller SPI Headset
Halo: Roads Untraveled Editions
Game Disk Yes Yes Yes No No
Bonus Digital Content No Yes Yes No No
Project SPARTAN-III (Special Edition) No Yes No No No
Headhunter Briefing Packet No Yes No No Yes
War Games Pack Pass Yes Yes No No No
Emblem Pack No Yes Yes No No

Limited EditionEdit

343 Industries announced that H:RU would be available for purchase as a Limited Edition on May 16 2014, alongside the announcement that there would be no plans to launch a Legendary Edition, as was tradition with previous Halo installments. The Limited Edition was released on September 25, 2014, at a cost of $99.99 USD/CAD or £64.99 GBP.

Halo: RU Limited Edition contains:

  • Bonus digital content through Xbox LIVE:
    • Unique in-game Spartan III armor skin.
    • Unique in-game weapon skin for UNSC Weapons.
    • Exclusive in-game emblems.
    • Xbox LIVE Avatar prop.
    • Xbox LIVE Avatar Spartan III armor set.
  • The Limited Edition also contains the Headhunter Briefing Packet:
    • A Spartan Headhunter armor customization schematic.
    • An introduction to cloaking and energy systems.
    • Insight into the Spartan IIIs.
  • War Games Pack Pass:
    • Access to nine maps - three future competitive multiplayer map packs, each including three locations.
    • SPI helmet.
    • MKVII helmet.
    • Project SPARTAN-III in-game emblem.
  • The Special Edition of Project: SPARTAN III

Console EditionEdit

At the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that there would be an exclusive III themed console bundle for the Xbox One. In this announcement, the accessories and prices were also revealed. The bundle will be available for pre-order and selected stores, and will also be available to buy on September 25, 2014, at the cost of $399.99 USD or £269.99 GBP.

The bundle will contain:

  • Halo: Roads Untraveled standard edition.
  • Wired headset
  • Two Punisher and Delta themed controllers.
  • One III themed Xbox One with 700gb hard drive.
  • Xbox LIVE tokens for exclusive bonus content:
    • Headhunter in-game armour.
    • SPI avatar hemlmet.

The console will feature an exclusive blue glow to the Xbox button, in which it is usually white. 

Spartan-III ControllerEdit

Along with the Limited Edition III Console Bundle, a limited edition Spartan-III controller was announced. This product will be available by July 7, 2014 and is priced at $59.99 USD.

The controller will feature a different design to those of the Limited Edition III Console Bundle, with a Project: SPARTAN-III emblem on a dark blue translucent body. The controller will include an Avatar T-shirt as exclusive downloadable content.

SPI HeadsetEdit

This Headset has been announced at the 2014 Comic-Con, with the price being $300. It can be pre-ordered at most game stores.



Non Dual-WieldableEdit





Non Dual-WieldableEdit








Halo: Roads Untraveled received generally positive reviews upon its release. On aggregate review GameRankings and Metacritic, the game holds scores of 89.22% and 89 out of 100 respectively.

Ryan McCaffrey of IGN gave a score of 9.6, calling the game "a bar-raising triumph for the series' expanded universe." The lighting, movements, and animations were well-praised, as well as the multitudes of composers work for the soundtrack of H:RU, noting it as an "interesting shift," but stating that the music is "complementary rather than additive." McCaffrey lauded the campaign for its pacing, as well as "deftly mixing on-foot combat, vehicle sequences, quiet story moments, and key character interactions."

Forbes writer Erik Kain gave higher praise to the story, writing that Halo: Roads Untraveled had the "most stunning cutscenes I’ve seen from the series so far." contributing to a "beautiful, tragic love story" between Jack and Shado.

Mike Mahardy of Game Informer complimented the characterization improvements of the Spartans, calling their evolved story more "focused" and "relatable" to the player, in comparison to the "cloudy and impersonal" stories from the prior games of the franchise.


The Halo: Roads Untraveled (Original Videogame Soundtrack) is the musical score to Halo: Roads Untraveled. It was released on September 15, 2014. The soundtrack was composed by Neil Davidge, Tom Salta, and Johan Skugge. Unlike previous soundtrack albums, many tracks used in the game didn't appear in the soundtrack.

Track ListingEdit

  • Original composition: Neil Davidge
  • Additional composition: Kazuma Jinnouchi, Tom Salta, Johan Skugge
  • Label: 7Hz Productions Ltd / The End Records
  • Additional production: Sotaro Tojima
Halo: Roads Untraveled (Original Videogame Soundtrack)
Title Time
Resolve 5:41
Punishment Acquired 7:15
Shadowy Delta 6:28
Knock Out 3:56
Welcome to Earth (Gift Basket) 5:02
Massive Effect 6:44
Victorious Defeat 3:31
Dark Skies 1:50
Shredded Diamonds 4:45
To Galaxy (Untraveled Mix) 4:57
Tactical Agility 7:32
Future Soldier 7:28
Infinity 5:36
Monumental Relief 3:27
Absolvement 8:37
Total time: 83:86

Limited EditionEdit

A Special Limited Edition box set was released on October 7, 2014 and available in limited quantities. The Limited Edition includes:

  • Original 15-track soundtrack
  • Bonus CD including remixes.
  • 180-gram, 12" picture disk vinyl of remixes.
  • Roads to Riches DVD and book that feature behind-the-scenes photos and footage from the game, as well as Neil Davidge's production and composition notes.
  • 12" Spartan-III art print.
  • The first 5,000 special edition box sales include a Roads Untraveled SPARTAN-III Headhunter armor Xbox LIVE Avatar download code.

Achievements Edit

  • We're Just Getting Started (30G) — Complete the first Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Spartan's Never Die (30G) — Complete the second Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • It's Our Hell (30G) — Complete the third Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Even To Our Dying Breath (30G) — Complete the fourth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Timeless Chorus (30G) — Complete the fifth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • An Even Fight (30G) — Complete the sixth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • With A Bang (30G) — Complete the seventh Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Call Me Cupid (30G) — Complete the eighth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • One Final Effort (30G) — Complete the ninth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Raggedy-Ass Fleet (30G) — Complete the tenth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • A Bigger Boat (30G) — Complete the eleventh Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Privateers and Outlaws (30G) — Complete the twelfth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Unidentified Planet (30G) — Complete the thirteenth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Librarian's Pass (30G) — Complete the fourteenth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • You Can Relax (30G) - Complete the fifteenth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Get Us Out Of Here (30G) - Complete the sixteenth Campaign mission on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Campaign Complete: Normal (30G) — Complete all Campaign missions on Normal difficulty.
  • Campaign Complete: Heroic (50G) — Complete all Campaign missions on Heroic difficulty.
  • Campaign Complete: Legendary (100G) — Complete all Campaign missions on Legendary difficulty.
  • Campaign Complete: Mythic (150G) — Complete all Campaign missions on Mythic difficulty.
  • Gods Must Be Strong (200G) — Complete all Campaign missions on Atlas difficulty.
  • Alas, Poor Yorick (25G) — Locate all skulls during the Campaign on Normal or higher.
  • Terminated Connection (25G) — Locate all HIGHCOM terminals during the Campaign on Normal or higher.
  • Days of Future's Past (10G) — Found Phoenix Team's profiler in mission 1.
  • Special Delivery (10G) — Fire 7 shots at the officer in mission 2.
  • I'm Not A Pilot (10G) — Found Taylor H. Miles' apartment in mission 3.
  • More Resources Required (10G) — Found the whereabouts of the Spirit of Fire in mission 4.
  • Ich Bein Ein Berliner (10G) — Defended the PM's office during the data hack without any casualties in mission 5.
  • This Is Sparta (10G) — Pushed the Hunter team into the lava vats without losing your shields in mission 6.
  • Bondi Rescue (10G) — Activate the anti-air turrets on Bondi Beach under 3 minutes on Heroic difficulty in mission 7.
  • Battlefield Specialist (10G) - Keep all units alive during the vehicular escape on Legendary difficulty in mission 8.
  • Moonlight Sonata (10G) — Destroyed 10 Phantoms during the slipspace jump in mission 9.
  • Future Soldier (10G) — Hacked 15 enemies shields using your Crosscom in mission 10. 
  • Parking Violation (10G) — Stuck the mantis in one go on Mythic difficulty in mission 11.
  • Didactic Principle (10G) — Locate the Forward Unto Dawn's signal in under 2 minutes in mission 12.
  • Reflex Master (10G) — During a quick time event, beat the Knight in under 30 seconds on Heroic difficulty in mission 13.
  • Another Day at the Office (10G) — Locate Kozak during the assault on the Infinity without using heavy weapons or armor abilities in mission 14.
  • Shepherd of the Weak (10G) — Overload your armor systems 3 times during the boss battle on any difficulty in mission 15.

Total: 1210G


  • Halo: Roads Untraveled is the first Halo game by 343 Industries that is based around the expanded universe.
  • After Halo 5 was finished, 343 considered developing Roads Untraveled, but they decided to develop Elite Ops instead.
  • Halo: Roads Untraveled is the first game since Halo 3 to reintroduce dual wielding, as well as the introduction of all expanded universe and game weaponry from the trilogies. It is also the first game to introduce dual wielding of Energy Swords in Campaign.
  • This is the first Halo game to show a love story between two Spartans (Jack and Shado).
  • Halo: Roads Untraveled is the first Halo game since Halo: Reach to include Firefight, since its introduction with Halo 3: ODST.
  • Halo: Roads Untraveled was released on September 25, 2014, the same date as Halo 3s release.
  • Halo: Roads Untraveled is the first Halo game to have more than 15 missions.
  • Halo: Roads Untraveled is the fourth Halo game to not feature Marines at the first mission, with Halo 3: ODST being the first, Halo: Reach being the second, because the player only encounters army troopers in Reach, not marines, and Halo 4 being the third, as John-117 is the only human aboard the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn.
  • Halo: Roads Untraveled features the same species of Covenant seen in Halo: Combat Evolved; Sangheili (Elites), Kig-Yar (Jackals), Unggoy (Grunts), and Mgalekgolo (Hunters).
  • Halo: Roads Untraveled is the first Halo game since Reach to feature integrated lighting equipment (flashlight, night vision, VISR, etc).
  • Halo: Roads Untraveled is the first game in the series in which the player controls different generations of Humans; the Spartan-III's in the Punisher and Delta levels, UNSCDF Personnel during other levels, and Spartan-IIIs in all other game modes.


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