Gary Carmine
Gary Carmine (Record)
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Keyn, Vus



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UNSC Marine Corps (xxxx-2553)
Spartan (2553–onward)



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A member of the Carmine family.


Sergeant Gary Carmine (Service number: 12034-62012-GC) is non-commissioned officer of the UNSC Marine Corps. He, like the rest of his family, served in the military. He took part in the Insurrection, the Human-Covenant War and the Human-Promethean War. After the Human-Covenant War, Carmine transferred from the UNSC Marine Corps into the newly independent Spartan branch and was augmented as a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier, there he took control of Fireteam Zulu.


Insurrection of DominonEdit

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Gary's first battle was the Insurrection of Dominon, there he was stationed on the UNSC Victimized there he was lead by Edward Beckham to aid in the defense of the city Victoria. While fighting in the streets he came across two Spartans and lead them to a UNSC outpost. Carmine also took part in a assault on a rebel base, where David James was.

Fall of ReachEdit

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Battle of EarthEdit

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After the Human-Covenant WarEdit

First Battle of RequiemEdit

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Second Battle of RequiemEdit

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