Derek Frost
Biographical information

Full name:

Thomas Frost


Chi Ceti IV

Date of birth:

December 7, 2539



Hair color:


Eye color:

Light Hazel

Political and military information

Years of service:

United Nations Space Command




Fireteam Punisher


Spartan Derek Frost, is a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier. During the Requiem campaign in February 2558, he served as part of the Spartan contingent aboard the UNSC Infinity. He is assigned as Fireteam Punisher's mission handler, acting as an intermediary with Commander Sarah Palmer and liaising with fellow information specialist Spartan Robert Dalton and Major Sam Mitchell.



"Commander Palmer, Punisher has eliminated Forerunner Anti Air."
—Frost in communication with Commander Sarah Palmer.

In 2558, Frost acted as Punisher's Mission Handler during the Second Battle of Requiem, where Punisher were first deployed via Pelican to destroy AA weaponry destroying reconnaissance drones, during which, it was shot down by Forerunner Anti-Air, and caused it to crash on a remote island located 50 kilometres from Copernicus. Punisher, led by Jack and support being led by Frost, Mitchell and Dalton, and housing two new members, Spartans Kevin Ryan, and Conor Smith, eliminated the AA guns, and requested extraction for survivors from the UNSC Infinity. A short time later, whilst Jack, Faith Kozak and Mark were deployed to provide security for a recovering Armored Division, the UNSC Infinity was boarded by Promethean and Covenant forces, splitting Punisher into a smaller group due to the deaths of Spartan Ryan and Spartan Smith during the fighting. Frost fought with other mission handlers to defend Infinity's mission control room.

After which, they assisted Fireteam Zulu during an HVT recovery mission, unfortunately resulting in the loss of Zulu, and injury of Jack due to an overwhelming Promethean force, and soon after, escaping aboard the INFINITY before the destruction of Requiem.

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