Human-Covenant War


Siege of Kepler Station

Conflict in Afghanistan






Shah-i-Kot Valley, Earth


Strategic UNSC Victory

  • Asylum seekers detained, as well as insurrectionists.
  • ONI gains intelligence on possible insurgency below US border

Phyrric Innie Victory

  • UNSC Bagram Airbase destroyed by a stolen nuclear weapon
  • Insurrectionists now possess several hideouts within the valley

United Nations Space Command


  • John Thomas Pettigrew
  • Dtas 'Roro

UNSC Defence Force

  • UNSC Marine Corps
    • 500 Marines
  • UNSC Spartans
    • Spartan Fireteam Punisher
    • Spartan Fireteam Castle
    • Spartan Fireteam Wolf
  • UNSC Air Force
    • 25 Pelican Gunships


  • 750 insurrectionists
  • Considerable armored vehicles

Covenant Asylum Seekers

  • 50 Sanghelli
  • 35 Kig-Yar
  • 55 Uggoy
  • 59 Marines WIA
  • 15 Marines KIA
  • 7 Pelican Gunships shot down
  • Most, if not all Insurrectionist forces, including armored vehicles,
  • 75 Asylum seekers KIA

"Chief, Panther. Good work on securing the mountains, QRF is inbound to pick you up. ETA, 10 mikes."
—Leftenant Colonel "Panther" advising SCPO Jack Ryan of the victory.

Conflict in Afghanistan, also known as Operation GUNFIGHTER by the UNSC, was a ground battle between the UNSC and a coalition of Insurrectionist and Covenant Asylum Seekers.


After the Human-Covenant War, a majority of Covenant still remaining on the planet surrendered to the UNSC, leaving the UEG no other choice but to open closed slums to asylum seekers wishing peace with Humanity. However, during a faked assassination attempt on a religious Sanghelli zealot, Dtas 'Roro allied himself with an underground leader of Insurrectionist forces in Pakistan, known only as "Sinner". Dtas assembled a small milita of asylum seekers, composed of Sanghelli, Kig-Yar and Uggoy, and left Pakistan with "Sinner", joining his forces. After arriving in Afghanistan, they detonated a nuclear bomb from within the UNSC's Bagram Airbase, destroying it entirely, and killing over 5000 troops and destroying over 300 air and land vehicles.

Bump in the NightEdit

First StrikeEdit

MOH UK Book 005

A member of Fireteam Wolf operating before the assault.

At 0453hrs, Spartan Fireteam's Punisher, Castle, and Wolf teams were deployed to the outskirts of the Shah-i-Kot valley, under the command of LTCOL "Panther". During a raid on an mountain compound, they destroyed the entirety of the Innies/Asylums air vehicular manpower. During which, UNSC Marines were waiting along the Pakistani border to invade at 0600hrs.

Flying BlindEdit


A member of Fireteam Castle operating before the assault.

After Castle and Wolf were deployed as recon teams, Punisher moved further into the mountains, reaching a location known as Roberts Ridge. After paying their respects, the team moved towards a base camp for Asylum troops, neutralizing all threats and destroying further ammunition caches and land vehicles. However, after hearing more explosions, the Insurrectionists deployed several stolen Hornet attack craft, and search teams, forcing Castle and Wolf to be extracted and Punisher left on the mountain. After evading several patrols, "Chief" called in the QRF to dispatch the aircraft and targets in the mountains below them.


Taking the GroundEdit

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.01.28 PM

A member of Fireteam Punisher shortly after laying down suppressing fire during the assault.

At 0600, after calling in the QRF, Punisher came under fire from multiple insurgent positions, suppressing them from moving forward. After eliminating the threats, they pushed further forward to reach the main base of operations on Robert's Ridge, ultimately breaching and entering the compound, and destroying multiple enemy combatants, before reaching the two commanders of the forces. Not wishing to be captured, Pettigrew shot himself in the head with a M6H combat pistol, and before 'Rora could do the same, Chief Master Sergeant Mark Reese tackled the Sanghelli, and knocked him out with a blow to the head.


At 0640, as the marines moved towards the base of the mountain, several Pelicans were shot down by Insurrectionist Anti Air cannons stationed along the length of the mountain. After dropping their forces, the Marines quickly seized the base, moving up the mountain using Jet Packs to quickly acquire ground and using shock and awe. By 0755, the mountain was secured, and all hostiles were either captured, wounded, or KIA. Some escaped to the mountains, taking section strength squads to regroup and rearm.


With the threats now eliminated, Fireteam Punisher, as well as their Prisoner, extracted from the ridge, and flew back to the Pakistani border alongside the other UNSC Marine Fireteams. The area would later still be under watch by ONI flyers patrolling the borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan, initiating drone strikes against possible fighters.


  • This marks the first time that the UNSC had commissioned, and alllowed a fully automatic, field modifiable M395 DMR. The DMR's issued to Punisher were capable of taking 30-40 round magazines, switchable optics such as holographical optics and magnifiers, suppressors, and Rail Attachment Systems for laser designate systems and foregrips, as well as allowing sprays on the weaponry, allowing them to blend with the environment.
  • It is also the first time that the M6H PDWS has been given a magazine upgrade, from 8 round magazines, to 20. This also includes the M7 Caseless SMG, having it's aesthetic design remodeled for the terrain, and a more advanced magazine system, allowing the rounds to be pushed back into the magazine, also allowing RAS modifications.
  • This is the first insurrectionist operation since 2551 that Punisher had participated in, allowing them to use localized clothing to blend in, as well as new plate carrying systems and magazine pouch systems for quick acquiring and quicker reload times. This paved the way for new ONI operators equipment, allowing further developments for singular and multiple intelligence and reconnaissance groups to have modularity.

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