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Fall of Reach

Battle of Earth
Battle of Earth Main


Human-Covenant War


October 20, 2552 - November 17, 2552


Earth, Sol System


UNSC Victory

  • Heavy reduction of Earth's human population.

United Nations Space Command

Covenant Empire

  • Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood
  • Commander Miranda Keyes
  • Fleet Admiral Harper
  • Major General Nicolas Strauss
  • General Jack Watson
  • Commander Daniel-A093
  • High Prophet of Truth
  • High Prophet of Regret
  • UNSC Marine Corps
  • UNSC Air Force
  • UNSC Army
  • UNSC Navy
    • UNSC Home Fleet
  • Covenant Navy
    • Regret's Fleet
    • Fleet of Furious Redemption
    • Truth's Fleet
  • Covenant Army

Numerous UNSC forces and civilian casualties due to orbital bombardment

Heavy losses, survivors escaped through the Portal to The Ark.


" all we have left."
—Lord Terrence Hood to John-117

Ground Battle

Battle of London

During the invasion of Earth Shadow Team were sent to London, England to help escort the King to safety, they landed in London and proceeded towards Wembely Stadium where the kind was taking shelter from a ambush, once the King was taken to a safe location unaffected by the attack Shadow Team were then sent to central London to help the UNSC forces there defend off the Covenant. Lauren-A191 took position in the clock tower known as Big Ben, she took a very wealthy load of sniper rounds and started assisting where needed, the rest of Shadow Team were defending Buckingham palace.

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