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Battle of Dominon
Halowars1 1280


Human-Covenant War


March 25, 2542 - December 25, 2542


Dominon, Pandumas System


Covenant Victory

  • Roost Glassed

United Nations Space Command

Covenant Empire

  • Admiral John Connor
  • General Jack Watson
  • Commander Matt-A058
  • Prophet of Restoration
  • Rtas 'Moramee
  • UNSC Navy
    • Battle Group Normandy
  • UNSC Marine Corps
  • UNSC Air Force
  • UNSC Army
  • Fleet of Alteration
  • Rtas 'Moramee

"We know what the Covenant want to do, They want to glass Roost like our other planets, But if they glass Roost lets give them a hell of a fight!"
— General A. Watson before the Covenant attack.

Space Battle

Covenant Arrive

"We can only hold the fleet for a small amount of time!"
— Admiral J. Conner moments before the Battle.

Captin Gates was the first UNSC personal to know of the Covenants slip-space jump and he was the first to make contact, Admiral Conner was in command of battlegroup Normandy and orderd a line of defence that was in orbit around the experimental Land Defence Platforms (LDPs). The LDPs supported the UNSC battlegroup more then suspected, The Covenant Fleet lost ten ships then called for reinforcements, Once the Covenant reinforcements arrived the Covenant Fleet began a full scale charge to take out the LDPs. The Covenant Fleet destroyed nine of the UNSC ships and badly damaged the UNSC Fallout.

UNSC Fall Back

Admiral Conner orderd Normandy to land on the planet to inforce the ground units.

Ground Battle

"The Covenant have made landfall and are destroying everything!"
— Private C. Jackson after the Covenant landed.

Covenant Make Landfall

The Ground Battle was lead by General J. Watson, He knew there was still UNSC and Civilians fighting so he sent Spartan Shadow Team to rally up most of the surviours and General Watson leaded the UNSC into battle to retake the largist city on the planet called New London, With the City taken back the UNSC was able to use it as a command center for the Battle.

UNSC Strike Back

Halo3 113210724 Full

UNSC attack the Covenant in the Argus desert.

With the City under UNSC control they sent several strike teams to assult the Covenant ships that landed, As soon as the Air Force made contact with General Watson the Air Force was able to lauch Vultures, Sparrowhawks, Falcons and Hornets to aid Shadow Team and the other UNSC forces.

The Final Stand

November 1, The Covenant glassed 1/3 of the planet and the UNSC have lost the command center with the UNSC scatterd and the Covenant glassing the planet the UNSC was forced to leave the planet, Shadow Team and General Watson made one last strike, On December 24, they assluted a Covenant ship the ship was destroyed and the Spartans and General made it off the planet safe onboard the UNSC Destoyer Dune Sea.




  • UNSC Little Britain
  • UNSC Its Complicated
  • UNSC Rising Sun
  • UNSC Oblivions Dragon
  • UNSC Hide and Seek
  • UNSC Big Daddy
  • UNSC Black Rose
  • UNSC Black Bow
  • UNSC Wild West
  • UNSC Fallout
  • UNSC Six Feet Under
  • UNSC Dune Sea


  • Oblivions Waters
  • Altertion of Faith
  • Hierarchs Destiny



  • Admiral John Connor
  • Commander Paul Kline
  • Captin Lewis Churchill
  • Captin James Gates
  • General Jack Watson
  • Petty Officer Second Class Spartan Jayde-A010
  • Commander Spartan Matt-A058
  • Lieutenant Commander Spartan Sandra-A066
  • Petty Officer Second Class Spartan Daniel-A093
  • Petty Officer First Class Spartan Liz-A154
  • Petty Officer Second Class Spartan Shaun-A273
  • Sergeant Dimitri Bellic
  • Lieutenant Patrick McReary
  • Private Douglas McReary


  • Prophet of Restoration
  • Rtas 'Moramee

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