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Battle of Berlin
Fall of Berlin


Human-Covenant War


November 2, 2552


Berlin, Germany, Earth, Sol System


Covenant Tactical Victory

  • Decimation of city, major military losses
  • Majority of civilian population evacuated

United Nations Space Command

Covenant Empire

  • Unknown Jiralhanae Shipmaster
  • UNSC Navy
  • UNSC Marine Corps
    • 5th Shock Trooper Battalion
    • 7th Shock Trooper Battalion
  • Polizei Berlin (Berlin Police Force)
  • Armed civilians


  • At least one CCS-class Battlecruiser.
  • Numerous Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft and Type-52 troop carriers.
  • Shadow Troop Transports.
  • At least one Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform.
  • Many Jiralhanae troopers.
  • Heavy infantry casualties
    • 5th Shock Trooper Battalion
  • Many civilians
  • Almost all of Berlin destroyed.
  • Heavy ground casualties
  • Medium air casualties
  • CCS-class Battlecruiser Swift Cleansing

The Battle of Berlin was an engagement between the UNSC Defence Force and Covenant Military that took place in Berlin, Germany on Earth during the Battle of Earth


Since the arrival of the Jiralhanae-led Covenant occupation fleet on October 20, 2552 and the following days, Covenant forces were beginning to spread out across the planet. With a majority of SPARTAN-III fireteams located within Berlin's UNSC Firebase, it was attacked strategically on the morning of November 2nd. With no other options, Command was forced to deploy all UNSC Defence Forces within Berlin's city limits to contain the forces.


Covenant AssaultEdit

At 0945 hours, the CCS-class Battlecruiser Swift Cleansing arrived within atmosphere, and began offloading troops to the city streets below, the main priority being UNSC Firebase Bravo Gulf, ultimately attacked and destroyed by the cruisers excavation beam. SPARTAN-III fireteams Shadow, recently formed Punisher and Firefly were deployed to different regions within the city, both teams paired up with each other to cover more ground.

At 1139 hours, an hour and a half after the initial attack, the cruiser began firing upon civilian structures, ultimately forcing the fireteams, and the 5th Shock Trooper battalion to focus on rescuing civilians instead of pushing back Covenant. 20 minutes afterwards, reinforcements from the 7th Shock Trooper Battalion, after dropping in, began assisting in the evacuation of injured from hospitals and on the streets.

At 1420 hours, almost 5 hours after the initial attack, local police units began arming civilians to fight back forces on the ground. Shadow, now working with Punisher, began assisting the 5STB and civilian militia units in taking back several key points within the city for evacuation routes, however at this point, air support was completely annihilated for the UNSC. Colonel Sam Cutter, working with Captain James Royce of the UNSC Destroyer Valentine, began firing upon the Swift Cleansing, destroying it sometime between 1430 and 1500.

With nightfall rapidly approaching, the Valentine ordered Pelican crews to recover civilian casualties and drop off ground transport for civilian militia groups. This proved successful, as Berlin was able to be patrolled quickly, and able to recover large groups of civilians rapidly.

Total EvacuationEdit

At daybreak, utilizing the cover of night, most, if not the entirety of the civilian populace was evacuated due to the efforts of the Valentine, however, the remainder of the 5th Shock Trooper Battalion were wiped out in a night raid conducted by Brute forces.


With the civilian populace evacuated to different cities and underground safehavens, the city was abandoned, leaving it somewhat under Covenant control.